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fundraising idea for animal rescue

Fundraising idea for animal rescue

Help well-deserving animals find forever homes with this fundraising idea for animal rescue.

As a non-profit or volunteer group, you depend on the selfless efforts of others to get the word out. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could place your organization in the path of large numbers of pet lovers even while you sleep?

You can do just that by choosing to open an online store to sell pet treats and/or pet crafts to benefit your rescue group. Members of your organization are bound to be talented crafters and bakers. Give them a venue to show off their creativity.

Fundraising idea for animal rescue
Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue bakes dog treats as a fundraiser.

The good thing is there are many pet lovers and pet owners who are looking for handcrafted items and original pet gifts that they cannot find in a big retail outlet. They also would love to give their money to a worthwhile organization.

Go over to PetCraftStore.com, the online marketplace specifically created for pet lovers to buy original pet products, and set up an online store for your rescue group. You will receive internet marketing support so that your store will be found on the web. It will not help you nor the animals if no one knows you exist.


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