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Dog Treat Business Spotlight: The Gourmet Greyhound

The Gourmet Greyhound                                                                                                            

Founded by: Ellen Cobleigh                                                                                                            

Location: Houston, Texas 

Q:  How did you start your dog bakery business?  

A:  The Gourmet Greyhound is my hobby.  There are a lot of dog owners living in

ice cream dog treats
Ice cream paws

my complex. We have monthly functions where for everyone to attend. So I make sure to put large trays of dog cakes and ice cream paws on the dessert table.  I own two greyhounds, and am usually fostering a third at any given time. I always include a photo card of my dog Hillary on trays or put stickers with her face on treat bags. I call my dog “Chef Hill” and tell people that she has been very busy baking for her friends.  

I got the idea when I saw shortbread threats attached to a bag of kibble in the grocery store as a bonus item. I have always loved baking so I decided I would make my own dog treats!

Q:  It sounds like coming up with a name was very easy for you.

A:  My dogs are well-known in the neighborhood, and Hillary is a retired athlete used to a certain lifestyle. I decided on the name “The Gourmet Greyhound” because of the association that was already present. I live in the city and walk the dogs several times a day. Even the homeless community knows us.

Carrot cake for dogs
Carrot cake for dogs

Q:  What are some of your favorite dog cakes to make?

A: My guys love carrot cake. I make it with peanut butter, vanilla and honey.  

The photo on the right shows the dog cake. I decorated this cake with Fido’s Frosting colored to look like chocolate frosting.

I live close to New Orleans,  so I created the King Cake for dogs so they could celebrate Mardi Gras too!                                             

King Cake for Dogs
King Cake for dogs


That’s a photo of that cake on the right.

Right now, I depend on word of mouth about my dog treats known. But as I get better known, my King Cake is becoming popular.


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