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Dog Bakery Spotlight: 12 Paws Barkery

This dog bakery makes some of the most beautiful and creative dog birthday cakes you will find!

12 Paws Barkery

Owner: Robyn Guyan

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

A birthday cake for a dog? Of course! Dog lovers don’t think twice about getting one to celebrate their four-legged family member’s special day. They will even host a complete dog birthday party with invited dog guests and party decorations!

Robyn did just that about three years ago. She hosted a dog birthday party and offered homemade dog cookies to her four-legged guests. They were a hit with both dogs and humans! She began selling at local farmers’ markets and craft shows with much success.

Needing a business name, she went to the source of inspiration for her new business: her three loving dogs. She named her dog bakery business “12 Paws Barkery” in their honor. The twelve paws include four each from yellow lab Vegas, black lab Aspen, and beagle/boxer mix Tucker.

The cake color schemes and decorating techniques are unique. Take a look at this gorgeous dog birthday cake:

dog birthday cake
Double decker dog birthday cake
      • Choose peanut butter or chicken and bacon for the dog cake flavor.
      • Pick either a round or bone shaped cake.
      • Create the message.
      • Tell Robyn and…
dog birthday cake
Dog birthday cake for LSU fan

She decorates the dog cakes with Fido’s Frosting in her original, creative style. A fondant dog tops off the cakes for a finishing touch. Fido’s Frosting does not melt in heat so ask her to ship your cake to wherever you are.

See more of Robyn’s cake creations here: Pinterest Board Dog Birthday Cakes Fidos Frosting. Follow the board and see her latest creations pinned as soon as we see them!

If you want other dog treats, try the dog cannolis, the blueberry pupcakes with a honey and cream cheese frosting, or choose from twelve dog cookie flavors including Peanut Butter Cookies, Cheesy Bacon Nibblers, Liver Snackers, and Sweet Potato Gobbleups.

Baking for dogs is Robyn’s passion. We wish her continued success.

Give your dog a special birthday treat – visit Robyn now at 12 Paws Barkery.

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sugar free mold inhibitor

Dog Treat Packaging Hints For Longer Shelf Life

Q:  What is the shelf life for dog treats without preservatives? How long will they last?

A:  Today, customers prefer natural dog treats made without artificial preservatives. There are natural preservatives available.

sugar free mold inhibitor
Sugar free mold inhibitor

Some hints for longer lasting pet treats:

  • Try to use a recipe without fat or moisture for longer lasting pet treats. Fat spoils. Moisture increases risk of molding.
  • Consider consulting with a packaging company to find out which packaging options are the best to keep your baked goods fresh. There are cheap packages and there are functional packages. Try to find a package that will be air tight and block out light from hitting the item inside.
  • Test the package yourself to see how it works. Does it hold up to changes in temperature? Does it protect the items from being ruined by moisture?
  • Leave a packaged item out on your counter and see how long it actually stays “fresh”.

Happy Baking!

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dog treat business

Dog Bakery Spotlight – Coastal K9 Bakery

Want to get your dog treats into retail stores? The owner of Coastal K-9 Bakery offers some words of advice. Her dog was the inspiration behind this thriving dog bakery business because he suffered from food allergies.

Coastal K-9 Bakery

Owner: Jackie Oakes

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Poor Tippy! The English Springer Spaniel suffered from allergies. But from what? His owner, Jackie, decided to bake wheat free dog treats for him and…he got better! She knew she was on to something because there were other dogs who had undiagnosed food allergies who could benefit as well.

Wheat free dog treats
Wheat free dog treats

So Jackie opened Coastal K-9 Bakery in November 2004 and chose the name due to its location on the coast of North Carolina. Her dog treats are named Tippy’s Treats after the dog who started it all!

Beginning as a retail store, she advertised locally, donated to community-based animal causes and organizations, and became involved with two no-kill animal shelters.

The business does wholesale baking primarily. Jackie says, “I realized wholesale was becoming a large part of my sales. I began attending pet trade shows and marketing to pet shops, other bakeries, and businesses. By calling businesses and making personal visits my visibility has increased greatly.”

Her hard work paid off because Tippy’s Treats are now available in Whole Foods Markets and local grocery chains!  They come in eight flavors, and are mostly wheat, corn and soy free, the common allergy producing flours for dogs.

“Yappy Birthday” dog birthday cake decorated with Fido’s Frosting

“My Yappy Birthday cakes are a bit hit. I use Fido’s Frosting to create beautiful and fun-loving cakes and muffins in a small, medium and large size. We have an extensive inventory of birthday supplies to complement our cakes and muffins.”

We asked Jackie if she had any advice for dog treat businesses wanting to place their treats in retail stores.

Here is her advice:

  • First, you MUST be passionate about your product. If you aren’t sold on it, the retail store will not be sold.
  • Be selective of the retail stores where you want your product.
  • It is very helpful for your company to have a “track record” of acceptance in the community as it is very hard to have a store accept a product that has only been produced for a few months or a year.
  • Should the retail store not accept your product, ask the reason it was not accepted. If there are problems, address and correct any problems.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact the retail store more than once if your product was not accepted. Many times the retail store is in the process of rearranging a store section or waiting for some products to sell out before adding new products.
  • It is important to make a personal appearance to the store manager or buyer. Call ahead to make an appointment, be punctual, be knowledgeable of the store, and be ready to explain the benefits of the store having your product in their inventory.

Tippy lived a better life, and will never be forgotten. Jackie has two rescues living with her now. She says, “It is so rewarding to be a part of the pet industry. I have met so many wonderful people and have discovered so many products that are beneficial to our pets. You also create a bond with your customers as they know that you are doing something that is helping their pet and educates them as well.”

Be sure to look for Tippy’s Treats in your local market. Visit Coastal K-9 Bakery online!

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dog bakery business

Dog Bakery Spotlight – Rosie’s Barkery

Turn your passion for helping dog rescues and shelters into a dog bakery business! That’s what
one new dog mom did! Her business is taking off while she lives her passion.



Owner: Christine Iverson


Location: North Hollywood, California


February 2011 brought the patter of little puppy feet into Christine’s life. Never having owned a
dog before, and not knowing what to do, she read articles and watched television shows to
learn as much as possible.
Decorated dog treats with Fido's Frosting
Decorated with Fido’s Frosting

The three-month old pit/pointer mix she and her husband adopted from the local shelter was a handful of energy, but changed their
lives for the best. Delving into the world of “homeless” pets brought the plight of these
animals forefront to her and she felt compelled to help.

She named the puppy Rosie, after Rosie the Riveter. Although the “famous” Rosie
was only an illustration, the character stood for strength and a “can-do” attitude,
which fit the puppy perfectly.

By now, fall was approaching and Christine began her yearly ritual of baking for family and
friends. Of course, she couldn’t leave the puppy out. But Rosie had been diagnosed with
allergies. Unfortunately, the exact etiology could not be pinpointed. To be on the safe side,
Christine baked gluten-free dog treats just in case there was an underlying wheat allergy.

Rosie gobbled up gluten-free peanut butter sweet potato treats. Christine says, “Then I thought, maybe I can sell these to raise money for shelters and rescues? Seemed like a good thing to try. I began selling at dog parks where they did pretty well. After a few months there I decided I would make a go at this and set-up shop at a Farmer’s Market. For the past 2 years I’ve sold Rosie’s Barkery dog treats at the market, at various events and now we’re branching out into wholesale.”

The business was aptly named after the new puppy, to keep the “spirit” of the fearless riveter alive! In addition to weekly farmers markets, they exhibit at industry trade shows and have an online presence. They stay very active in the local community, supporting and helping to raise funds for the local shelters and rescues for the benefit of the animals in need. Soon Rosie’s treats will be available in stores nationwide!

gluten free dog treats
Gluten free dog treats
“Our Hearts N’ Homes™ line of treats are not only
popular, but nutritious, easy to ship and the
packaging speaks the best to what we care about most.””Gluten-free is an up and coming trend not only for humans but also for dogs. We have always been gluten-free and many people appreciate the thought that goes into our ingredients. We specialize in hypoallergenic treats that most any dog can enjoy.””Not only are our treats gluten free and most are hypoallergenic but they also raise money for rescues. We make it a priority to push that aspect and to encourage our customers to adopt not shop. We have a lot of creative ideas on how to partner with rescues as part of our Indiegogo campaign.”
Go to Rosie’s Barkery to learn more about this wonderful business!

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Dog treat business

Dog Bakery Spotlight – Barkley’s Bakery

Can’t find healthy dog treats? Make your own and turn your passion into your new dog bakery! That’s how these entrepreneurs got started.

Barkley’s Bakery

Owners: Julie Chalmers and Carrie Morgan Heinze

Location: Macungie, Pennsylvania

Pet parents today prefer to give their beloved pets healthy dog treats, and not just any bulk treats.

gluten free dog treats
Gluten free sweet potato dog treats

So when long time friends Julie and Carrie could not find the specialty treats they wanted, such as gluten-free dog treats, sugar-free, or organic treats, they decided to start making their own.

They baked a batch of dog biscuits  and their dog lover friends asked to try some. As the saying goes, the rest is history. The biscuits were a big hit and orders started coming in. The y impressed their first customers and subsequent word of mouth kept them busy.

They offer various gluten-free treats such as the mouth-watering sweet potato dog treats shown in the photo. There are apple cheddar, peanut butter, blueberry, cranberry, banana biscotti, and more!

Marketing dog treats
Marketing dog treats

They got their business license and started selling at farmers markets and other similar venues, to start spreading their name locally.  Dog cakes and gift baskets for dogs are now added to their product line as the business continues to grow.

So how did Julie and Carrie pick the business name? Julie says, “We picked the name Barkley’s Bakery because of Barkley from Sesame Street! We couldn’t figure out how to use both our own dogs’ names. (I have a pittie named Liza and Carrie has a bull mastiff named Dozer.)”

Hopefully, a brick and mortar dog bakery is in the future.

Follow these two busy ladies and see their tasty treats on Facebook and on their own website soon: Barkleysbakery.com. 

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Dog treat business

Dog Bakery Spotlight – Lazy Dog’s Cafe

Lazy Dog’s Cafe

Owner: Elizabeth Hobbs

Location: Wellington, Colorado

Elizabeth received a special surprise birthday gift for her 21st birthday – a beautiful six-week old boxer mix puppy! She named the dog Frayja, after a Norse goddess, and Frayja’s Pupcakes launched in 2011.  The small dog bakery in Athens, Georgia (Go Bulldogs!) was Elizabeth’s solution  for a common client concern. “While I was working at an animal hospital, many of the clients were concerned about the quality of the dog treats manufactured in other countries.” News reports about recalls and animal deaths were frequent.  She realized there was a market for healthy and natural dog treats and her bakery would fill this need.

Peanut butter dog treats
Peanut butter dog treats with Fido’s yogurt icing

“My job made it easy for me to market and gain clientele via word of mouth.” She started out making dog treats available to dog rescue organizations, dog adoption events, other charity events and helping clients with dog birthday parties.

But there was one small problem. Customers had difficulty pronouncing the name of the business! One year later, while lying in bed with her “pack” which now included a new rescue dog named Turbo,  the “aha!” moment appeared: “We were a bunch of lazy dogs!” The new business name stuck.

She sells her healthy dog treats through her Etsy shop. You can find colorful,  all natural peanut butter dog treats decorated with yogurt dog treat icing like the ones shown in the photos.

all natural dog treats
Healthy peanut butter dog treats decorated with Fido’s Royal Icing

Elizabeth drizzles all natural sugar-free royal icing for dogs on her treats for decoration.  She offers this caveat: ” I CAN’T believe how many people say they are using a yogurt icing on dog treats when they are really using real sugar-filled royal icing! They have confided that their icing has NO yogurt in it.”

Customers can choose the colors for the icing, and there are are a variety of dog cookie shapes to choose from as well. Treats can be shipped which makes for a great dog gift idea or a pet gift basket.

Elizabeth has some great ideas for dog treats in the works and hopes to expand soon to cat treats with her own home-grown catnip!  She says, “Our goal is to always use all natural, human grade ingredients that are safe and healthy for our pups.”

So, gather your dogs, be “lazy”, and surf on over to Lazy Dog’s Cafe and see what new offerings are baking up!

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Dog treat business

Dog Bakery Spotlight – Kimbra’s K9 Crunchies

Kimbra’s K9 Crunchies

Owner: Kimbra Cranston

Location: Eagle Point, Oregon

Imagine! Healthy dog treats made using fresh home-grown ingredients!

Kimbra grows apples, zucchini, carrots and pumpkins in her own garden. She says that Southern Oregon is a large farming community, so she can easily get the freshest ingredients to bake with.

Her healthy “crunchies” are about to be featured in a local holistic vet’s office. In fact, the vet’s own dogs love her treats. Not bad for a new dog bakery!  

After bringing a new puppy home, she began to research dog food and dog treats to find the best products for her pet. But in doing so, she learned that there were many recalls and problems associated with pet treats manufactured in China. So she started making her own  natural dog treats. Kimbra says, ” I love to bake so this was a perfect hobby for me.”

She shared her homemade dog treats with friends and family and received positive responses, so she decided to try to make money doing something she loved to do. “My dog treat business became official on June 14, 2013 and so far I am doing well! I sell at local farmers markets and online through my website.”

For the business name, she credits her niece who suggested that she use her unique first name. Thus, the alliterative “Kimbra’s K9 Crunchies” was created and I am sure you will agree, quite memorable!

Two of her popular dog treats include the following:

  • Peanut butter banana crunchies
dog bakery business
Peanut Butter Banana Crunchies
  • Sweet potato apple crunchies:
dog bakery business
Sweet Potato Apple Crunchies

These healthy dog treats are made with oat flour and brown rice flour. She makes her own peanut butter and uses locally grown foods to prepare her treats.

The treats are all natural dog treats and have no soy, wheat, corn or artificial preservatives.

See more interesting flavor combinations at the website: Kimbra’s K9 Crunchies. 

Wishing her all the best as her business grows!

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