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pet treats for Christmas

Good news for pet treats bakers

What’s in Santa’s bag? Pet treats! 

Christmas gifts for pets? You bet. The trend is on the rise. Pet treats are top choices!

More and more pet owners count their pets as part of the family and deserving of their own spot under the Christmas tree for presents. Santa poses for photos while dogs sit obediently on his lap, showing him they are nice and not naughty.  Pet stores abound with stocking stuffers for the four-legged shoppers.

An American Pet Products Association poll last year revealed that 53% of dogs and 38% of cats received holiday gifts. This year, dogs, cats, birds, horses and small animals are likely to receive a holiday gift.

Grooming products, designer clothes, and holiday treats for all species, plus special pet-related gifts for the pet lover have been popular gift choices.

The Salem News this month interviewed one pet store owner who said that pet treats sell the best. The owner was quoted as saying that dog cookies in her store were selling for 75 cents each, and treat packages ranged from $5 to $10.

Overall, dog owners spent an average of $11, cat owners $8, and horse owners $33.

If you have a pet bakery business, do your research and see what’s out there. Then, make nicer ones!  Establish a relationship with a small, local pet store and ask if you can sell nicely packaged, healthy “fresh-baked” pet treats for the holidays. Ask if you can set up your table just outside the store (weather permitting) – it’s a definite eye-catching attraction that will draw customers over.

Talk up the store, bring in customers and you will be invited back.

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Christmas gifts for dogs

Instant Dog Gift Baskets

Frosting FranMake dog gift baskets in an instant for a memorable Christmas!

Have you thought about what Christmas gifts for dogs you will offer this year through your dog bakery business?

Based on a survey of pet owners, dog treats and toys were at the top of the gift list and the gift givers indicated they would be willing to spend from $20.00 to $50.00.

Those of you who make dog treats might want to consider offering dog gifts baskets or specifically a dog treat gift basket filled with assorted tasty treats for your customers to give as holiday gifts either to their own dog or to family and friends with dogs.

It may or may not come as a surprise that people volunteered that they were more inclined to give pet gifts rather than to family, friends, or….a boss.  And, they considered giving out gifts for pets because they saw the suggestion in an advertisement.

Dog Christmas gifts for the dog’s best friend are also a popular choice. Consider this in your advertising! You may want to make up some pet gift baskets that have a feminine theme and some with a masculine theme.

A interesting twist on the gift basket is to use the foil bone-shaped cake pans that come with lids.

Dog gift basket
Instant dog gift basket!

These can be packed with treats and/or other items as well. As an added bonus, the foil pan can be used to bake a dog cake so they are essentially getting two gifts in one!

One last interesting tidbit: The surveyed pet owners preferred to make up their own stockings for their pets rather than to buy the pre-filled ones. For those of you who exhibit at Farmer’s Markets, think about offering smaller healthy dog treats or other small items as a Christmas stocking package for dog lovers to have unique stocking fillers that the large chains like Petco and PetSmart will never carry!

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 Visit K9Cakery.com for dog bakery supplies and the award-winning Fido’s Frosting, the all natural, sugar-free, yogurt dog treat frosting and icing that does not melt!