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Online craft store promotion: Four things to do now

How to promote your online craft store at to reach more customers: four things to do right now for a head start to establish your store as a successful online business.

The marketplace is a community of sellers. Everybody is in it together. The more traffic that comes to the website, the more everyone benefits.

online craft storeThe marketing team is working their contact list, attending trade shows and industry conventions, creating social media campaigns, doing on-air interviews, writing press releases, integrating the flow of traffic from other websites, and other online marketing strategies.

It’s a huge job putting the word out about a new venture. But even all of this is just the tip of the dog’s tail.

Each individual seller has a unique network of contacts. It is extremely important to your success that you make sure that EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO EVER GOES ONLINE knows that you have your own online store where they can find your products for sale. And, that they can find other pet related products from the other stores.

Remember, the more web traffic, the greater chance of success. There are plenty of people who want to buy your items. They just need to know how to find you.

Here are four things to do right now to begin promoting your store:

1) Send an email to everyone on your contact list announcing the grand opening of your store and include your store’s address:

(Exactly as shown here except put your own store name in place of “yourusername”)

2) Post a grand opening announcement on Facebook and post your store’s address:

Visit each item in your store and click the “like” button, then tell all of your friends to visit each item in your store and do the same.

3) If you are active on Twitter, tweet the news to your followers with your store address and ask them to retweet:

4) If you have not yet done so, open a Pinterest account and create your boards. After you post an item in your online store, visit your own store on the internet and click the Pinterest pin button on each item to pin the item onto your own Pinterest board. This is the best way to keep your store’s web address attached to the images. Tell all of your friends to click the Pinterest button for each of your items and pin the images to their own boards. Continue to email, post, tweet, and pin every time you put up a new item in your online store.

Follow these tips to help your customers find you and to establish your store as a successful online business.


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  • You are not internet savvy
  • You do not enjoy online marketing
  •  You would love to have someone else do it for you…

Contact ASAP via email so that you do not lose customers to your competition. In the subject line write “Help Me Market”.

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