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We are always on the look-out for creative and interesting ideas for marketing dog treats and will share what we find with you!

The dog treat business is expanding thanks to educated consumers. No longer are pet parents willing to settle with a bag of cheap dog treats from the grocery. They want specific treats. They are cautious about the ingredients.

Among “dog people”, dogs are considered part of the family! They get to travel with their owners, they are dressed up, and many of them are treated as four-legged children. So of course dog owners only want the best for their pooch.

If you are a “people” baker, chances are good that at some point you will be asked to bake treats for a dog birthday party or to bake a dog birthday cake. Dog loving folks do not consider such a request to be unusual or ludicrous! As more and more dogs are added to the household, the demand for special treats for special occasions and/or dietary needs will increase.

This blog is created to help you promote your business.

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Fido's Frosting and Fido's Royal Icing is the manufacturer and creator of the award-winning Fido’s Frosting, the first all natural, sugar-free dog treat frosting and dog treat icing that dries hard and will not melt.


We love dogs, and we know you do too.  We want to see you succeed and contribute to the best welfare of our four-legged friends.

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Table of Contents:

Product Suggestions 

Natural dog chews

Instant dog gift baskets

Good news for pet treats bakers

Q & A

Q&A: Dog treat ingredients and customers

Q&A: Dog treat packaging is being copied

Dog treat packaging hints for longer shelf life

Business Promotion

Grain free dog treats not for all dogs

Business labels for dog treat business

Dog treat business farmers market tips

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