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Dog Bakery Spotlight – Rosie’s Barkery

Turn your passion for helping dog rescues and shelters into a dog bakery business! That’s what
one new dog mom did! Her business is taking off while she lives her passion.



Owner: Christine Iverson


Location: North Hollywood, California


February 2011 brought the patter of little puppy feet into Christine’s life. Never having owned a
dog before, and not knowing what to do, she read articles and watched television shows to
learn as much as possible.
Decorated dog treats with Fido's Frosting
Decorated with Fido’s Frosting

The three-month old pit/pointer mix she and her husband adopted from the local shelter was a handful of energy, but changed their
lives for the best. Delving into the world of “homeless” pets brought the plight of these
animals forefront to her and she felt compelled to help.

She named the puppy Rosie, after Rosie the Riveter. Although the “famous” Rosie
was only an illustration, the character stood for strength and a “can-do” attitude,
which fit the puppy perfectly.

By now, fall was approaching and Christine began her yearly ritual of baking for family and
friends. Of course, she couldn’t leave the puppy out. But Rosie had been diagnosed with
allergies. Unfortunately, the exact etiology could not be pinpointed. To be on the safe side,
Christine baked gluten-free dog treats just in case there was an underlying wheat allergy.

Rosie gobbled up gluten-free peanut butter sweet potato treats. Christine says, “Then I thought, maybe I can sell these to raise money for shelters and rescues? Seemed like a good thing to try. I began selling at dog parks where they did pretty well. After a few months there I decided I would make a go at this and set-up shop at a Farmer’s Market. For the past 2 years I’ve sold Rosie’s Barkery dog treats at the market, at various events and now we’re branching out into wholesale.”

The business was aptly named after the new puppy, to keep the “spirit” of the fearless riveter alive! In addition to weekly farmers markets, they exhibit at industry trade shows and have an online presence. They stay very active in the local community, supporting and helping to raise funds for the local shelters and rescues for the benefit of the animals in need. Soon Rosie’s treats will be available in stores nationwide!

gluten free dog treats
Gluten free dog treats
“Our Hearts N’ Homes™ line of treats are not only
popular, but nutritious, easy to ship and the
packaging speaks the best to what we care about most.””Gluten-free is an up and coming trend not only for humans but also for dogs. We have always been gluten-free and many people appreciate the thought that goes into our ingredients. We specialize in hypoallergenic treats that most any dog can enjoy.””Not only are our treats gluten free and most are hypoallergenic but they also raise money for rescues. We make it a priority to push that aspect and to encourage our customers to adopt not shop. We have a lot of creative ideas on how to partner with rescues as part of our Indiegogo campaign.”
Go to Rosie’s Barkery to learn more about this wonderful business!

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