Dog bakery business

Dog Bakery Spotlight: The Pup-Town Bakery

The Pup-Town Bakery

Owner:  Ruthy Gouveia-Rodrigues

Location: Fairhaven, Massachusetts

I got started making dog treats for my newly adopted beagle who had allergies to store-bought treats. Making homemade dog treats turned out to be so much fun and relaxing. I loved to spoil my little girl.

There were no dog bakeries in my town. The only fancy dog treats I could get were from a pet store that did not take special orders for hypoallergenic dog treats.

I gave some of my homemade treats to a friend and then the next thing you know, people were asking me to make treats for their dogs! Through word of mouth, I began selling to just local dog owners. I have a full-time job, so I decided I would start an online dog bakery so I could manage it easily when not at my job.  

The name of my business came about when one of my kids was watching television and they were talking about “P-town” (Provincetown). He asked if it meant “Pup-town”.

dog treat business
The Pup-town Bakery is know for its “Pup-stasch”
dog treats


I thought it was super cute so I decided to use the name Pup-town Bakery. 

I market my dog treats on the internet, through my Facebook page, and I attend craft shows and vendor events.  

My most popular treats are my ever so awesome “Pup-staches.” This photo shows a customer modeling a “stache”…LOL!

dog birthday cake
Birthday cookie pack

I make dog birthday cakes too. My most popular birthday orders are for my giant birthday cookie pack. 

It’s a foot-long bone that is personalized and includes 4 dog cookies for fur-guests.



The giant cookie may be a bit much for smaller dogs so I created a birthday paw pack.    

Small dog birthday pack

It includes two paws – one personalized and one says “Happy Birthday”. It also includes two cupcake cookies with the dog’s age, and three small dog cookies.

For any event where I sell, I always donate a portion of the proceeds to a local pet organization such as Friends of Homeless Animals or the local shelter. 

Click this link to visit The Pup-Town Bakery online.

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Visit for dog bakery supplies and the award-winning Fido’s Frosting, the all natural yogurt dog treat frosting and icing that does not melt!

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