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Dog Bakery Spotlight – Barkley’s Bakery

Can’t find healthy dog treats? Make your own and turn your passion into your new dog bakery! That’s how these entrepreneurs got started.

Barkley’s Bakery

Owners: Julie Chalmers and Carrie Morgan Heinze

Location: Macungie, Pennsylvania

Pet parents today prefer to give their beloved pets healthy dog treats, and not just any bulk treats.

gluten free dog treats
Gluten free sweet potato dog treats

So when long time friends Julie and Carrie could not find the specialty treats they wanted, such as gluten-free dog treats, sugar-free, or organic treats, they decided to start making their own.

They baked a batch of dog biscuits  and their dog lover friends asked to try some. As the saying goes, the rest is history. The biscuits were a big hit and orders started coming in. The y impressed their first customers and subsequent word of mouth kept them busy.

They offer various gluten-free treats such as the mouth-watering sweet potato dog treats shown in the photo. There are apple cheddar, peanut butter, blueberry, cranberry, banana biscotti, and more!

Marketing dog treats
Marketing dog treats

They got their business license and started selling at farmers markets and other similar venues, to start spreading their name locally.  Dog cakes and gift baskets for dogs are now added to their product line as the business continues to grow.

So how did Julie and Carrie pick the business name? Julie says, “We picked the name Barkley’s Bakery because of Barkley from Sesame Street! We couldn’t figure out how to use both our own dogs’ names. (I have a pittie named Liza and Carrie has a bull mastiff named Dozer.)”

Hopefully, a brick and mortar dog bakery is in the future.

Follow these two busy ladies and see their tasty treats on Facebook and on their own website soon: 

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