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Business Labels For Dog Treat Business

Business labels for your dog treat business?

What is the most economical way to make business labels for my dog products? I have software to print the labels but that gets expensive. I would like to add more color to my name labels but the ink also gets expensive.

Frosting FranThe best way to save money is to have your labels printed in bulk by a printer. Find a local printer with whom you can establish a relationship or look for online companies that specialize in labels. The way to save money is to print quantity. The more labels you print, the lower the cost will be per label.

Consider printing your logo in color. You can use this label for all of your products. You can even stick it on packages that you ship so that the recipient sees right away that the package is coming from you!

If you offer various flavors of dog treats, you may choose to print those up on your own with simple black ink especially if you might change your ingredients or offerings. Otherwise, you could end up with leftover labels that you cannot use.

Another idea is to use printed packaging. However, the same rule applies: large quantities will make the cost economical.

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