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Dog Treat Business Spotlight: Baron & Henry’s Homemade Dog Treats

Baron & Henry’s Homemade Dog Treats                                                                                       

Founded by: Suzanne Cushing                                                                                                        

Location: Pembroke, ME

As a conscientious dog mom, I was determined to only let my “boys” have safe dog treats. The best way to ensure that all the ingredients were acceptable was to make my own.

So I started making homemade dog treats.  I gave some to a friend, and then she referred someone else, and through word of mouth, people began asking for my treats for their dogs. Somebody suggested that I exhibit my treats with my other crafts at a local craft fair, so I did and generated quite a bit of interest!  I look forward to the craft fairs. They are a great way to promote locally.

Our most popular treats are the peanut butter dog biscuits. We also make special dog treats to celebrate the various holidays, like our Valentine dog cookies.

dog treat business
Left to right: Peanut butter dog biscuits, cheese dog treats, Valentine treats for dogs, blueberry dog treats

I named my little venture after my beagles. Baron is the  stubby guy and Henry is the wiry one. Baron came all the way from Missouri,  but Henry is a local boy. Anyone who has beagles can tell you that there is never a problem with too many leftover treats in the house! 

I would like to share a story. The black dog in the photo was named Ruger. He was very sick and would not eat.

Dog treat business


He didn’t have long to live so I made him a big batch of treats…and he ate them all. He loved the blueberry  and the cheese that are shown in the collage above.  He went to the bridge shortly after this picture was taken. He was such a sweet boy. I wanted to share this picture in his memory.

I also wanted to share the note that his owners sent: “We thank you so much for your wonderful treats. Ruger wagged his tail like mad when he saw the very large bag of wonderful bones. Words can not say how much we thank you.”

This is why I do what I do – to bring joy to dogs especially like Ruger and his wonderful family.


Join us on Facebook: Baron & Henry’s Homemade Dog Treats.

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gourmet greyhound marketing dog treats

Dog Treat Business Spotlight: The Gourmet Greyhound

The Gourmet Greyhound                                                                                                            

Founded by: Ellen Cobleigh                                                                                                            

Location: Houston, Texas 

Q:  How did you start your dog bakery business?  

A:  The Gourmet Greyhound is my hobby.  There are a lot of dog owners living in

ice cream dog treats
Ice cream paws

my complex. We have monthly functions where for everyone to attend. So I make sure to put large trays of dog cakes and ice cream paws on the dessert table.  I own two greyhounds, and am usually fostering a third at any given time. I always include a photo card of my dog Hillary on trays or put stickers with her face on treat bags. I call my dog “Chef Hill” and tell people that she has been very busy baking for her friends.  

I got the idea when I saw shortbread threats attached to a bag of kibble in the grocery store as a bonus item. I have always loved baking so I decided I would make my own dog treats!

Q:  It sounds like coming up with a name was very easy for you.

A:  My dogs are well-known in the neighborhood, and Hillary is a retired athlete used to a certain lifestyle. I decided on the name “The Gourmet Greyhound” because of the association that was already present. I live in the city and walk the dogs several times a day. Even the homeless community knows us.

Carrot cake for dogs
Carrot cake for dogs

Q:  What are some of your favorite dog cakes to make?

A: My guys love carrot cake. I make it with peanut butter, vanilla and honey.  

The photo on the right shows the dog cake. I decorated this cake with Fido’s Frosting colored to look like chocolate frosting.

I live close to New Orleans,  so I created the King Cake for dogs so they could celebrate Mardi Gras too!                                             

King Cake for Dogs
King Cake for dogs


That’s a photo of that cake on the right.

Right now, I depend on word of mouth about my dog treats known. But as I get better known, my King Cake is becoming popular.


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cello bags with paw prints

Dog treat packaging is being copied

Q: A competitor is copying my packaging and taking my wording that I use for my dog treats on the packages and my website. This person lives is in the same city and has even bought from me. It is frustrating because I am the one doing the work. Is there anything I can do about it?

Frosting Fran

 A: All great products will be copied sooner or later. So feel flattered! Figure out what sets you apart from everyone else and promote the difference.

For example:

  • Do you make peanut butter dog treats using your own special homemade peanut butter?
  • dog bone balloonDo you give out a bone shaped balloon with every dog birthday cake?
  • Do you have a unique decorating technique for your dog treats?There are certain bakers who are so consistent with their decorating technique and colors that you can look at a treat and know it came from them. Do you use sophisticated recipes because you understand how to use ingredients correctly?

As I am not an attorney, this is not legal advice, but rather ideas and recommendations from other dog treat business owners.

  • Commercial packaging is not original nor unique. Create an original logo and trademark it. Make labels with your trademarked logo and put them on your packages. Your competitor can do the same, but the logos will set you apart. You cannot prevent someone from buying the same stock.
  • You can create original packaging with specific artwork which can be trademarked, but it will not be cheap.
  • Wording on websites can be similar. To set your business apart, use a consistent style that will become associated with you.

The best thing to do is to keep moving forward with your amazing business.  And remember: Losers are not copied. The fact that you have a copycat means you are successful and on the right track! Keep taking the time and effort to create quality. This will show throughout your products and services.

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Dog Treat Ingredients And Customers

Q:  I use only healthy ingredients in my dog treat recipes. There seems to always be someone, who will either approach me in person when I’m displaying at a farmers’ market or fundraiser, or through comments on my blog, who wants to disagree with my choice of ingredients. Any advice?

Frosting Fran

A: You are not alone! First of all, do not take it personally. You have undoubtedly spent a lot of time researching your recipes to put together a winning combination of ingredients that will produce the best dog treats for your customers. There might be a lack of knowledge, a reliance on rumor or misconception, or something else. 

We know of one woman who tastes all dog treats before giving any to her dog. If she doesn’t like them, she will say so and then say that she would never let her dog eat one. (Meanwhile, her dog whines and salivates while watching her eat the treat.)

Do not feel the need to defend your recipes. You know what your customers want. Not everyone will be in your target market. Thank them for stopping by and tell them it seems that your products are not what they are looking for. Then let them move on.

Blog comments prove you have readers! A little education or clarification in a reply to the comment may suffice. Use it to your advantage and write a new post addressing the concern to which you can refer others in the future.

You are not obligated to post an egregiously rude or vulgar comment as it serves no useful purpose. Having comment moderation enabled on your blog will give you control over this.

Kol’s Notes, a popular and well-written dog blog with original and interesting recipes for dog treats, heads off the issue by letting readers know that not all the posted recipes will be right for their particular dog, and offers alternatives if applicable. One recipe does not always fit all.

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