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Good news for pet treats bakers

What’s in Santa’s bag? Pet treats! 

Christmas gifts for pets? You bet. The trend is on the rise. Pet treats are top choices!

More and more pet owners count their pets as part of the family and deserving of their own spot under the Christmas tree for presents. Santa poses for photos while dogs sit obediently on his lap, showing him they are nice and not naughty.  Pet stores abound with stocking stuffers for the four-legged shoppers.

An American Pet Products Association poll last year revealed that 53% of dogs and 38% of cats received holiday gifts. This year, dogs, cats, birds, horses and small animals are likely to receive a holiday gift.

Grooming products, designer clothes, and holiday treats for all species, plus special pet-related gifts for the pet lover have been popular gift choices.

The Salem News this month interviewed one pet store owner who said that pet treats sell the best. The owner was quoted as saying that dog cookies in her store were selling for 75 cents each, and treat packages ranged from $5 to $10.

Overall, dog owners spent an average of $11, cat owners $8, and horse owners $33.

If you have a pet bakery business, do your research and see what’s out there. Then, make nicer ones!  Establish a relationship with a small, local pet store and ask if you can sell nicely packaged, healthy “fresh-baked” pet treats for the holidays. Ask if you can set up your table just outside the store (weather permitting) – it’s a definite eye-catching attraction that will draw customers over.

Talk up the store, bring in customers and you will be invited back.

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Dog Business Spotlight – Kol’s Notes Blog

Has a nutritional issue with your own pets forced you to research and come up with creative solutions? Write about it! You could help others. Read how an award-winning blog got started and enjoy some dog treat recipes too!

Kol’s Notes Blog

Writer: Jodi Chick

Jodi shares her story…

My interest in pet food and treats started after the great food recall of 2007.

We had adopted Felix less than a month earlier and almost every brand of pet food in my house was on the recall list. I was horrified. I had just adopted this furry little ball of happiness and I could have killed him. I feel really lucky that I had a second chance to get it right. I swore that I could and would do better.

I took a correspondence course on traditional canine nutrition and read everything I could find on pet food and what goes into it. We discovered that Felix had some pretty terrible food intolerance and allergies and finding a food and treats that worked for him was a huge task. I branched out into a more natural & holistic nutritional approach and it proved to be exactly what Felix needed.

I started Kol’s Notes (ironically not named after Felix) to share my notes on what worked and didn’t work for us. While Felix was at the heart of my inspiration, my puggle, Kol, took centre stage on the blog. He’s a natural ham and made for the camera. He was the dog willing to pose with treats and as a HUGE food hound, he makes a great spokesdog for what we do.

As it turns out, writing about treats day in and day out is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and you start running out of ideas pretty woofing fast! This year we decided to talk about all the dog-friendly aspects of our life and branched out into sharing some of our Doggystyle DIY projects and crafts, green, pet friendly living tips, sharing our training challenges (and unconventional solutions) and some ideas on how to have a pet friendly home that doesn’t look like it’s gone to the dogs, along with our treats and recipes. It’s amazing because it’s opened up a whole new group of friends and followers.

I love my readers and really think of them more as long distance friends than anything else. It means the world to me that they invite us into their lives and come to read what I have to say. I never really imagined that anyone other than my friends and family would read my blog, so the fact that it’s turned into such a big thing for us still amazes me almost every day. I’m so grateful.

I was moved to tears when we won the BlogPaws Best Bark Blog Award earlier this year and so touched when our fans nominated us for the Petties Award for Best Dog Blog. It’s incredibly humbling.

I think the great thing about Kol’s pals is that they are so widely varied. I don’t think there’s a single “type” I could pigeon-hole them into, but what they all seem to have in common is that they’re smart, savvy and want the best for their dogs, whether that be making treats at home or finding store-bought treats they can be confident in. After all, isn’t that what we all want? To take care of our furry family members as well as they take care of us?

Jodi shares some tasty dog treat recipes:

Special thanks to Jodi for sharing her amazing story and recipes!

If you would like to write a blog but need help or a push, just let us know! We’ll help you get started.

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sugar free mold inhibitor

Dog Treat Packaging Hints For Longer Shelf Life

Q:  What is the shelf life for dog treats without preservatives? How long will they last?

A:  Today, customers prefer natural dog treats made without artificial preservatives. There are natural preservatives available.

sugar free mold inhibitor
Sugar free mold inhibitor

Some hints for longer lasting pet treats:

  • Try to use a recipe without fat or moisture for longer lasting pet treats. Fat spoils. Moisture increases risk of molding.
  • Consider consulting with a packaging company to find out which packaging options are the best to keep your baked goods fresh. There are cheap packages and there are functional packages. Try to find a package that will be air tight and block out light from hitting the item inside.
  • Test the package yourself to see how it works. Does it hold up to changes in temperature? Does it protect the items from being ruined by moisture?
  • Leave a packaged item out on your counter and see how long it actually stays “fresh”.

Happy Baking!

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 Visit for dog bakery supplies and the award-winning Fido’s Frosting, the first all-natural, sugar-free, yogurt dog treat frosting and icing that does not melt!